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Aromatherapy massage

What is it? How does it differ from other massages?

Aromatherapy massage is a lovely relaxing massage that incorporates the use of essential oils. These oils are extracted from plants, trees, bushes – from their leaves, flowers, bark etc.

Each essential oil can have many different healing properties, and a qualified aromatherapist will combine the correct oils, mixed with a carrier oil (like sweet Almond oil, or sunflower oil) to ensure the correct blend is achieved and you needs are met, physically, emotional and spiritually.

The oils can produce a powerful effect on the body. They enter the body in 2 ways:-

Aromatherapy massage

  • Via the olfactory system (nose) to the brain/limbic system (the seat of our emotions)
  • Via application to the skin where they are absorbed and enter the bloodstream.

So, an aromatherapy massage will benefit you not only from having a positive, long stroke, light touch massage, which in itself is calming, and sends messages to the brain that you are safe and secure, but also because of the incorporation of the essential oils, which contain a number of healing properties.

Other massages like Swedish massage, deep-tissue and sports massage, are less gentle and do not incorporate the use of essential oils. Instead they tend target specific areas of the body where more direct and forceful techniques are required.

Which oils are suitable?

Your qualified therapist will do a detailed consultation with you to establish which oils they think are suitable, depending on your medical history and the reason for your massage.

Aromatherapy massage

You will be asked your preferences, as the aroma is such a key part of the process. Someone may love the smell of lavender, but others may not. We often associate certain smells with memories, which evoke certain emotions, so all of this is taken into account before the most suitable oil is selected. Some oils smelled on their own maybe nice, but when combined with 1 or 2 different oils, may not appeal.

If this sound like something you would like more information about or would like to try then contact

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