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Harmony Holistics Wirral

​​Harmony Holistics Wirral is committed to providing the highest quality complementary therapy service to our client's meeting our clients needs "holistically".

Everyday life, with its usual stresses, can cause imbalances in our body and mind. In addition, illnesses, injury or disease create further demands preventing the body from functioning in a balanced way. Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stones massage, Indian Head massage and Crystal Therapy can all assist the process of "re-balancing" the body and mind, relieve tension in muscles to help improve general well being.

Harmony Holistics Wirral provides tailor made Reflexology, Aromatherapy massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue massage, Crystal Therapy and Facial reflexology treatments. We use high quality essential oils specifically blended for each client, rather than pre blended oils.

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What is reflexology?

By Debbie Hurst

July 29, 2020

The basics of reflexology

What is Reflexology?

How does Reflexology work?

This is a question I am often asked!! Just exactly what is Reflexology and how does it work?

It’s a good question. As I am fully immersed in the world of Reflexology, I suppose I take my knowledge for granted and assume everyone knows how it works. So, for those who don’t know or are a little unsure I will start with the basics and how I introduce people/clients to Reflexology by explaining:

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Do you suffer from hayfever?

By Debbie Hurst

June 23, 2020

Do you suffer from hayfever

Do you suffer from Hay fever?

Do you want to understand more and maybe get some tips to help alleviate your symptoms?

I have suffered from Hay fever since the age of 15, so some 30 something years and it can be very debilitating and uncomfortable! So, I am in full sympathy if, when everyone else is cheering as the sun comes out, you are dreading the “good old” hay fever symptoms appearing and making your life hell!!

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The power of human touch

By Debbie Hurst

June 11, 2020

The power of human touch

Why is touch so important?

Are you feeling out of sorts at the moment? Can’t quite figure out why? Maybe you are just not getting enough hugs!! Strange as it may sound, there may be a lot of truth in this, so I have done some investigating and thought I would tell you about my findings.

During the COVID19 pandemic we are getting less physical contact/hugs from our families and/or friends, as we can’t see them or physically touch them due to the social distancing rules. Lots of my clients and friends, as am I, are really missing that physical contact.

But why is touch so important and how does it help calm us? Read on and I will have a go at explaining this to you. It may surprise you to know that human touch is not just “a sentimental human indulgence it is a biological necessity”.

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© Harmony Holistics Wirral | all Rights Reserved