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Therapist Training - L3 Indian Head Massage Diploma

This L3 Diploma in Indian Head Massage (IHM) is FHT accredited, and consists of a mixture of on-line content,  that you can learn at your own pace, 1 day face to face techniques training day and after this techniques training day, you will be required to complete 3 case studies of 3 Indian Head treatments (so 9 treatments in total).  You will be tested as you progress through the online course content to ensure full understanding.

This popular course in Indian Head Massage is designed for treatment of the upper back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, scalp, ears and finishing on the face, incorporating acupressure and Marma points, in a seated upright chair.  However, the on-line content provides you with sequences, videos for adapting your treatments for massage couches, forward facing chairs and a Lafuma chair (used by many reflexologists).  The full treatment is 40-45 mins, but again, the information and adaptations provided shows how you can adapt this to provide shorter treatment times, to be used in different settings, e.g. Corporate settings, well being days, “add on” treatments to other therapies you already offer.

You will be provided with a comprehensive step by step manual, with detailed “IHM sequence” to follow.  You will also learn:

  • Relevant Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology specifically related to the areas of the body we work in IHM.
  • The background, history and benefits of IHM
  • Contra-indications and when to proceed with caution.
  • Full treatment techniques and adaptions for different settings/couches/chairs.
  • Health and safety and hygiene regulations, including covid considerations and other legislative requirements.
  • Other considerations for therapists.
  • Client consultation, risk assessment, record keeping and treatment evaluation.
  • Carrier oil information.
  • Introduction to Chakras.
  • Introduction to Marma points.
  • Postural assessment of your client, tips and advice.
  • Correct positioning of client and yourself.
  • After care advice.
  • Research.
  • Adapting and working in the corporate workplace.
  • Suggested reading resources and other resources.

This therapy is extremely effective for relieving stress, tension and many conditions that may result from this (e.g. headaches, TMJ issues, Sinuses issues/headaches, tensions in neck, shoulders and more).  It originates from the traditional techniques practiced in Indian family culture for many thousands of years. This course is only open to existing therapists, with a * recognised qualification (including Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (A, P and P) qualification).


Although it maybe advantageous, you don’t need to be a massage therapist to qualify for this course (as long as you meet the criteria set out above). You will be guided through the content online, and be provided with lifetime access to the videos and content, should you need to refer back to anything.  You will be supported by your Tutor, Debbie Hurst, every step of the way. Your tutor will undertake an assessment on the face to face training day, to ensure you have mastered the techniques.  As you progress through the online content of the course you will be asked questions to ensure you have understood the content.  After the face to face training day, you will required to complete 3 case studies (9 treatments).   Once all criteria is satisfied you will be awarded a Diploma in Indian Head Massage from Harmony Holistics Training, accredited by the FHT.

This course is FHT accredited and therefore accepted by all the major insurers (e.g. FHT, Balens and Alan Boswell) but you will need to double check this is accepted by your own insurance company.  You can then offer IHM as a therapy to the public. If you require any more information or wish to discuss any questions please email me.

 Face to Face portion – Current Dates Available

Saturday 4th May 2024

Saturday 6th July 2024

Saturday 28th September 2024

*please indicate your preferred date on application


£185 For July 2024 course increasing to 

£245 for the September 2024 course (Early bird discount of £40 if booked before 17th August 2024)


Course requirements for Level 3 Indian Head Massage Diploma

The course consists of 4 parts:

  • Preliminary Questionnaire
  • Online Learning
  • An in-person session
  • Completion of 3 Case Studies

You must complete all 4 sections to get your diploma.


  • You must be a qualified therapist with a *recognised therapy qualification which meets the following criteria:
    • Your qualification must have met the National Occupational Standards and Core curriculum for your therapy, which included a minimum number of face-to-face contact/learning hours and completion of case studies.
    • Have therapist skills (including taking a consultation, designing treatment plans, therapeutic relations), as well as business/legislative skills as part of the qualification.
  • have an accredited qualification in Anatomy and Physiology (or evidence this was covered in your course as set out in the course modules)
  • be able to evidence your certificates.

If you are unable to evidence your A, P and P training, you can complete your Anatomy and Physiology qualification concurrently with this course, but you must complete it and get your accreditation before you can get your Diploma for your Level 3 Indian Head Massage Course. There is a link to an FHT A, P and P online training course, this is at your own expense.

Essential Training Solutions AP&P course can be found here.

Harmony Holistics Wirral takes no responsibility for any aspect of your training or contract with Essential Training Solutions.

IHM Training

Level 3 Indian Head Massage Diploma

You must have gained a *recognised qualification (see course requirements) in your therapy to be eligible for this Training Course. It is a mix of online and practical and you must complete all sections to qualify for your Level 3.

FHT Accredited Qualification

It was a very enjoyable day and it was good to learn a new skill. Debbie was a very warm and empathic tutor who clearly loves what she does. I would definitely recommend this course to others.“

Paula Vanderpeer

An excellent short course CPD which will add real value to my professional practice. Good class size. A perfect starting point to the world of IHM. I feel confident enough following the completion of this course to offer it to my clients immediately.

Stephanie Hughes

A very enjoyable day learning a new skill in comfortable surroundings with a knowledgeable tutor. Material and content were fantastic. Totally recommend IHM CPD course

Rachel Cox

Excellent course for existing therapists, giving you all the tools you need to bring IHM into your practice. Practicals were particularly thorough and give you the skills required to start case studies, and gain confidence to begin this therapy.

Lyn Ebbrell

A very full and enjoyable day with many practical opportunities and times for questions and discussions. I certainly feel confident and equipped to provide this for my clients now. I would thoroughly recommend this training for anyone interested in Indian Head Massage.

Vicki Mullin
FHT Accredited Course provider
Professional Reflexology
FHT Accredited Qualification
Functional Reflex Therapy
FHT Fellow