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Harmony Holistics Wirral

​​Harmony Holistics Wirral is committed to providing the highest quality complementary therapy service to our client's meeting our clients needs "holistically".

Everyday life, with its usual stresses, can cause imbalances in our body and mind. In addition, illnesses, injury or disease create further demands preventing the body from functioning in a balanced way. Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stones massage, Indian Head massage and Crystal Therapy can all assist the process of "re-balancing" the body and mind, relieve tension in muscles to help improve general well being.

Harmony Holistics Wirral provides tailor made Reflexology, Aromatherapy massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue massage, Crystal Therapy and Facial reflexology treatments. We use high quality essential oils specifically blended for each client, rather than pre blended oils.

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Reflexology is a holistic non invasive complementary therapy that works on the basis that reflexes on the foot, hands, face and ears, represent all the different organs and parts of the body. By manipulating these reflexes the body's own natural healing mechanisms is encouraged to "re-balance". It is a deeply relaxing and pleasant experience.

The Benefits of Reflexology

There can be many benefits of reflexology, including:

  • Improves mood,
  • Aids sleep,
  • Encourages deep relaxation,
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and tension,
  • Helps to restore and maintain health and wellbeing.


Stress has now taken over muscular skeletal problems as the number one reason for work absence. Stress has far reaching effects on the body, especially if experiencing stress over the long term. For example, it can affect your heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, central nervous system, muscular skeletal system and your immune system. It can manifest itself in many ways from tension headaches, to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, to anxiety attacks, depression etc.

Reflexology cannot claim to diagnose or cure conditions but it maybe able to help people cope with the effect and symptoms of various conditions more effectively.

For further information regarding studies into the benefits of Reflexology please follow this link to my research page.

foot reflexes

Foot Reflexology is a Complementary Therapy based on the theory that different points (reflexes) on the feet correspond with different areas and organs of the body. (Try clicking the interactive foot map below to see which part of the foot represent which parts of the body).

Reflexologists can detect tiny deposits and imbalances and by gently applying pressure and massaging the relevant foot reflexes which encourages your body's own healing mechanisms, so restoring and maintaining the body’s equilibrium. It’s widely recognised to help people cope with stress-related conditions.


Reflexology is a holistic therapy. At your first appointment we will capture your medical and lifestyle details to ensure there is no reason you should not have a treatment (eg. under going tests, unstable heart condition). The consultation will allow me to tailor the treatment to meet your specific needs. Typicially the first full treatment consulation will last approximately 1.5 hours. At subsquent treatments we will review your current health and well being, adapting your treatment plan if necessary.

The treatment itself is performed in a comfortable reclining chair. Alternative seating can be provided for your comfort and preference. You will then be required to remove your shoes and socks prior to the treatment.

The treatment should not be uncomfortable, but there maybe tender spots identifed whilst performing the Reflexology treatment. This is how we will identify your reflex imbalances. Most client's find the treatment is a deeply relaxing process and very calming. Occassionally there can be what is called a "healing reaction", mild headaches, more frequent urination, feeling emotional and more, but I view these reactions very positively, as the treatment is really "getting things moving" again. However, more often than not, I find people report sleeping better and feeling "de-stressed" after treatments and this lasting well after the treatment ends.


Treatment and prices

A full treatment session itself will last approximately one hour (other than the first consultation/treatment). In addition, we will spend a little time at the beginning of the treatment session to review your current health, well being and requirements. At the end of the session we will discuss the findings. When doing a Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology session allow extra time before and after for taking measurements.

  • £40 for a 60 minutes treatment
  • £40 for a 60 minutes Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage treatment

Please refer to the Special notices for any offers available each month.

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Harmony Holistics Wirral and Debbie Hurst DO NOT claim to cure or to diagnose any medical condition. The information provided on the Website, express or implied, is for the purposes of information only and is NOT given as professional medical advice, a means of diagnosis or treatment, nor is it intended to be a substitute thereof.

If you have a health problem, medical emergency, or a general health question, Harmony Holistics Wirral and Debbie Hurst always recommend you should consult your doctor. The products and or services provided by Harmony Holistics Wirral and or Debbie Hurst are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical conditions.

It is against the advice of Debbie Hurst to discontinue any medical treatment or advice currently being administered by qualified Medical Practitioners.

© Harmony Holistics Wirral | all Rights Reserved



© Harmony Holistics Wirral | all Rights Reserved