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Reiki Treatments

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese word which means “Universal Energy“. Eastern medicine has always worked with this energy, which is known to flow through all living things and is crucial to well-being. It is known as `ki` in Japan, is also known as `prana` in India and `chi` in China. Acupuncture, T`ai Chi and Yoga are also based on the free flow of this energy within a person.

The reiki practitioner is “attuned” by a Reiki Master to receive and to channel this positive universal energy. The practitioner can channel this energy to another person and help the recipient remove any energy blockages (believed to effect health), rebalance the energy flow and generally aid well being

Reiki Practitioner Wirral

How can you benefit from a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki can help us cope by encouraging relaxation and bringing equilibrium to both mind and emotions. Benefits that are commonly reported include deep relaxation, promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well-being on all levels.

Reiki’s gentle energy is provided safely for people of all ages, including the newborn, pregnant mothers, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly, in any situation. There are no known contra-indicators.

Being complementary, Reiki works effectively alongside orthodox healthcare and other natural remedies.

What to expect

Reiki is a holistic therapy. At your first appointment we will:

  • discuss your medical and lifestyle details
  • discuss your needs and expectations
  • ensure the treatment is specifically tailored to meet your needs

You will be fully clothes and be asked to lie on a massage couch. A blanket will be offered for your comfort. The practitioner will then encourage the Reiki energy to flow and will use certain hand positions over the client’s body to direct the energy around the main energy centres in the body, known as Chakras. There may be some points at which some gentle contact will be made, usually around the head and feet areas, but this will be discussed at the initial consultation.

With any type of holistic treatment, their maybe what is called “a healing response”, which can manifest itself as a mild headache, feeling emotional, feeling sluggish/drained, increased frequency of urination, post treatment. However, these should be viewed positively as it means the treatment has begun to help re-balance the body. It is always important to drink plenty of water post treatment.

Treatment and Prices

A full treatment session itself will last approximately 45 mins (other than the first consultation/treatment). In addition, we will spend a little time at the beginning of the treatment session to review your current health, well being and requirements. At the end of the session we will discuss the findings.

  • £45 for a 60 minutes treatment

There are also combination treatments available which offer a discount on the full price of each individual treatment. For example:

  • Back, shoulder, massage and reiki

To Book an Appointment

Relaxation starts here...

I can whole heartedly recommend Debbie from Harmony Holistics and have experienced a number of treatments that are offered. Depending on how I am feeling I have booked reflexology, deep tissue massage, an aromatherapy facial and reiki.
The benefits of these holistic treatments differ, but on the whole I always leave, and continue for a number of subsequent days to feel, relaxed, less stressed, happier, and sleep amazing. After a car crash at the end of last year I went to Debbie with back pain, and after a deep tissue massage I felt significant pain relief.
Debbie is so knowledgeable about her treatments, you feel very spiritual when you are with her, I never want to leave!

Sue, Greasby